Mike DePaul is a seasoned and knowledgeable financial planner in Orange County, California. He has been invited to speak about financial planning to prominent Orange County businesses, including Hyundai Motor America, Disney, St. Joseph Health, Yum! Brands, and many more. Mike focuses on helping his neighbors in Southern California reach their financial dreams through processed planning, dynamic (yet conservative) portfolio management, and consistent review. Mike prides himself on client service, and, in fact, Newport Wealth Advisors’ client service model has been used as a template for several financial planning practices throughout the U.S.

Mike began his career in the financial industry in 2000 working in the venture capital arena. In 2002, he was offered a position with American Express Financial Advisors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was the top first-year advisor in the 1st States Market Group. After transitioning his practice back to Orange County in 2003, Mike became not only a top performing advisor but also one of the most highly rated district managers in the company.

His responsibilities included running a very successful financial planning practice, developing new advisors, and helping experienced advisors enhance their existing practice through client service and prudent investment planning. In October 2005, when American Express Financial Advisors spun off to Ameriprise Financial, Mike was one of only three district managers in the entire company invited to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to ring the bell.

In 2007, Mike left Ameriprise and founded Newport Wealth Advisors. His sole purpose was to provide his clients 100% objective advice without being captive to only one company’s products or services. Mike is also the founder and president of the Newport Beach chapter of the Society for Financial Awareness, a non-profit organization devoted to increasing financial literacy in the United States.

Mike is a Southern California native and attended the University of California, Davis, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology. He has his Series 7, 24, 66, and California Life & Health licenses and is currently studying to receive his Retirement Income Certified Professional designation. Mike’s hobbies include surfing, golf, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and wine tasting. Mike currently resides in Tustin, California, with his wife, Sarah, his son, Joey, and his Wheaten Terrier, Murphy.

UH OH!! Here comes Volatility (Again)

On Monday the Dow plunged 1,175 points (4.6%) it’s largest single day point drop in history.  After a comeback on Tuesday, and a relatively flat Wednesday today it dropped another 1033 points. We are now down more than 10% from our recent high, which is considered a correction.[1]  We know this is scary.  Especially for those of you who are retired or getting close to retirement, i.e. ALL OF MY CLIENTS! But remember, a correction is not the same as a bear market. So what exactly is going on and what is Newport Wealth Advisors, my firm, doing about it? WHAT’S GOING ON? Well, the first thing to rememver is we are coming off one of the least volitile stock market years in... Read More

How the New Tax Bill Affects Affluent Southern Californians (My Clients)

  In late December, the House & Senate finalized a sweeping tax bill that will take effect in 2018.  President Trump, living up to his promise to pass the bill by Christmas, signed the bill on December 22.  Here’s a link to the massive document if you’re so inclined: http://docs.house.gov/billsthisweek/20171218/CRPT-115HRPT-466.pdf Now I’m not going to discuss my opinion on the bill and whether it’s impact will ultimately be positive or negative on our economy (we can discuss that over a Starbucks if you want) but rather I’ll focus on the facts.  The specific changes in the tax code that will most likely affect us Southern Californians!    TAX BRACKETS Marginal tax rates will be reduced which, for most, means paying... Read More

Do You Know the 19 Retirement Risks? (Part 1)

The road to retirement can be a long and winding journey, filled with uncertainty and unpredictability. But it can be accomplished with proper planning and a map designed to take us on, if not the most scenic route toward our destination, the most efficient and safest one possible. So, while it’s important to identify our primary goals on this trip, it’s equally important to identify and know the risks along the way. According to the American College of Financial Services there are 19 primary risks we need to concern ourselves with as we make our plans. They’re certainly not the only ones, but the ones we feel present the most danger to any retirement income plan. Those risks can be... Read More

Can you afford thrifty ice cream in your retirement?

If you grew up in Southern California, like me, you almost certainly remember Thrifty Ice Cream. It was an institution. Man, I can taste it now. If you’re not from SoCal, well, I’m not a good enough writer to explain chocolate malted crunch to you! Sorry you missed it. Me, I was always partial to strawberry cheesecake. But, I digress. Like many childhood memories, Thrifty Ice Cream was less about the actual ice cream and more about the experience. Thrifty was always a treat — a special stop on the way home from the beach, a reward for being a good boy while mom popped in the store for nail polish or toothpaste, or just a place to take us kids when we... Read More

Should YouTube be your financial advisor?

I would like to start by sharing with you that I am not handy. I know. Man card revoked. But I admit it. When the Big Guy above was handing down … well, handiness … I was not in line. It sucks, too, because it seems like every guy around me is super-handy. My cousins and uncles all stand around at parties talking about water leaks, framing windows, and the art of rewiring patio lights. Meanwhile, I’m in the corner hoping and praying the conversation will turn to sports or finance or anything else, really. Heck, my father-in-law is one of the handiest guys I know. My house (which is a virtual shrine to his woodworking) is a constant reminder... Read More


Hi, I’m Mike DePaul, and I’d like to welcome you to my site. I’m a retirement income planner in Newport Beach, California. That’s how most of my clients and professional network know me. What they may not know, however, is that I’m also a husband, father (to both my son and my Wheaton Terrier), Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, golfer, surfer, and (not-so-great) musician. I have a huge extended family and am close to every crazy one of them. My hope for this site is that it’s a place for my professional contacts to get a glimpse of my personal life and for my family and friends to get a glimpse of what I do for a living. And who knows? Maybe everyone, including me,... Read More

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