Today's financial seas can be rough. Newport Wealth Advisors was founded to help our clients navigate their financial futures through objective, customizable advice.

With sophisticated portfolio management, world-class service, and no proprietary products, our team’s sole focus is on our fiduciary responsibility to truly impact the lives of clients.

We strive every day to work side-by-side with clients and offer them the safest, most efficient path to reach their goals.

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  • Surya J. Metzler

    With over a decade of experience, Surya began his career working for one of the largest financial planning firms in the United States. Within his first year, he was recognized as a top advisor and planner, designating him within the “Circle of Success.” He was quickly asked to train and mentor new advisors to provide top-level advice and service. Even while helping clients to reach their goals, he quickly realized there must be a better way for investors to achieve success. He founded Newport Wealth Advisors to provide clients with truly personalized, expert advice.

  • Mike DePaul

    After beginning his career working for the largest financial planning organization in the United States, Mike became a top producer as well as a top trainer of financial advisors. He soon realized that the big firms don’t always have their clients’ best interest in mind and simply couldn’t continue down that path. He helped found Newport Wealth Advisors with the belief that there are smarter, more efficient ways to reach your financial goals that don’t include peddling one company's products.

  • Scott G. Eichler

    Scott came to Newport Wealth Advisors from a firm that didn’t believe their advisors needed a technical education. Only through extensive reading, research and guidance from veteran advisors did he gain the knowledge needed to be successful in that environment and was constantly torn between a desire to do right by the client and to produce more for the firm.

    After joining Newport Wealth Advisors, he was astonished by the difference in analysis and service clients received. Here, the focus was on results for the client and not simply the results for the company.

    Coming from three generations of small business owners, Scott’s passion has always been helping the foundation of our country. His goal is to help the small business owner find the same legal tax shelters available to large cap companies, while maintaining liquidity, and creating consistent returns.

  • David H. Hatch

    David started his financial services career in 2006 and enjoys making people feel comfortable through the organization of their financial lives. He believes in making a positive impact by offering high-quality strategies and services through extensive preparation. David brings a depth of knowledge and skill to Newport Wealth Advisors, along with a strong commitment to the firm's core values. Previously, David volunteered at Ronald McDonald House and at Sandieguito River Valley Conservancy.

    When not in the office, David enjoys spending time in the outdoors, traveling, running, and attending music festivals, and he is also a musician and standup comedian.

  • Brandon Welch

    After nearly a decade working in corporate finance and capital markets, Brandon was called to the more rewarding work of serving families on their financial journey. He enjoys seeing how small financial choices can make a huge difference for the families he serves. Brandon has specific expertise helping clients navigate the complex decisions facing clients with real estate investments, pensions, or employee stock compensation.

    A lifelong San Diegan, Brandon lives in La Mesa with his wife Kathryn, a high school teacher, and their three daughters. When he's not serving clients or spending time with family, he competes professionally in a 330 mph top fuel dragster on the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series.

  • Matthew Smith
    Client Concierge

    Matthew is a San Diego native and graduated from The University of San Diego Business School in 2008. Following in his family's footsteps, Matthew entered the financial services industry, working for the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and Morgan Stanley for over five years. After becoming disillusioned with the lack of client attention and service found at larger firms, Matthew set out to continue his Financial Services career with a team that focus’ solely on their clients long term retirement needs. This made him a ‘perfect fit’ for Newport Wealth Advisors.

    Matthew enjoys taking advantage of the San Diego outdoors, including golf, hiking, skiing, and is a life-long hockey player. If you ever have any needs he will continue to provide you with the professional and timely service that you’ve come to expect of our firm.

  • Cheyenne Lanzon

    Cheyenne was raised in Southern California and, after graduating from California State University San Marcos with a degree in human development, joined the Newport Wealth Advisors team. She shares the firm’s passion to truly make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

    Outside of the office, Cheyenne loves going to the beach and spending time with her cat, Mowgli.

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Retirement Income Audit™

Investors have a unique vision for their retirement lifestyle. So why do most investors and financial advisors take the same cookie-cutter approach to this very important planning process? While very important, retirement income planning is not solely about your investments.

Our proprietary Retirement Income Audit™ puts your unique vision first, statistically analyzing every component of your financial situation. With a fair degree of certainty, our system will display the likelihood of your ability to maintain your desired lifestyle throughout retirement. The Retirement Income Audit™ analyzes:

  1. Your current investment/income strategy
    1. Are you really diversified?
    2. How much risk are you taking in your current portfolio?
    3. What risk management system do you have in place to protect against another market crash?
    4. What are your investments costing you and is there a way to reduce fees?
    5. Can your portfolio keep up with inflation?
  2. Social Security Optimization
    1. When is the best time for you to take Social Security?
  3. Pension Optimization
  4. Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Planning
  5. Rental Properties/Income
  6. Tax Situation and Strategies
  7. Surviving Spouses Needs
  8. Healthcare/Catastrophic Illness Risk
  9. Estate Planning Issues
  10. Business Ownership/Interests

This one-of-a-kind analysis will show you, in plain and simple terms, where you stand today. From there, Newport Wealth Advisors can advise you on what can be done to optimize your financial situation.

  • Retirement Income Planning

    The income phase of retirement is often the most confusing and complex stage of your investing life. It’s critical to combine sound, stable income with a level of growth that will allow you to live comfortably without the risk of depleting your assets.

    Our specialty is in meeting the needs of investors with $250,000 in their investment portfolios who are seeking consistent growth results with minimized risk. We use cutting-edge retirement income technology to build custom retirement plans that are low-cost, flexible and highly efficient.

  • Investment Management

    Our investment management philosophy is simple; we believe that each investor should have a highly customized investment policy based on their individual risk tolerance, time horizon, return objective, and tax situation.

    We utilize a highly sophisticated, actively managed process designed to maximize each investor’s return while minimizing their risk.

    We believe that investment return should be measured for consistency and that protecting our clients from investment losses is not only critical to solid long-term performance, but our number one responsibility to our clients.

  • Financial Planning

    A sound, comprehensive financial plan can be the difference between success and failure with respect to your future goals.

    Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in creating realistic plans that help our clients reach their goals in the most efficient and effective manner. We know that your financial plan is more than a set of numbers and charts. It’s your future, the culmination of years of hard work, and oftentimes your very legacy. We don’t take this lightly.

    We believe in a team approach and work closely with your tax and estate professional with the common goal of helping you reach a successful future.

  • Retirement Plans

    We work with each company to customize a plan built for their needs. Our extensive knowledge equates to an optimized and efficient plan that will best serve your situation. Unfortunately, many plans are boilerplate designs that do not optimize the company’s potential.

    Our plans are designed to minimize an employer’s fiduciary responsibility and plan costs while increasing employee participation. We strive to provide multiple investment options for employees in order to give them the best chance at a dignified retirement.

    As an independent provider, we can offer the best platform and partners for your company’s needs. Our partners have vast experience in administration and oversee billions of dollars in retirement plan assets.

    Upon request, we will provide complimentary model comparisons to your existing plan.


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